Silver Auctions increases Arizona sales over last year

One collector consigned both examples of convertibles built by Pontiac for 1960. This Bonneville sold for $24,750, while it’s smaller brother Catalina sold for $24,100. Both will be staying together, as the same person bought them both.

Report by B. Mitchell Carlson

Silver Auctions
Fort McDowell, AZ
January 19 & 20, 2013
216 of 333 cars offered were declared sold.
Sales rate: 64.8 percent
8% buyers’ premium not included in these results

Silver Auctions continued their tradition of being a successful part of the Phoenix area January auction melee.  Their 16th annual sale was once again held on the grounds of the Ft. McDowell Casino near the town of Fountain Hills – a half hour drive from most of the other auctions also occurring on Friday, Jan.  18 and Saturday, Jan. 19.

Continuing the two-day format started last year, they were able to focus on cars with selling potential rather than getting a big car count.  A very manageable 333 cars were consigned – eighty more than last year.  Of those, 261 were declared sod, with a sell through rate of 64.8 percent.  With more cars there and sold than last year, the total sales were also up by approximately $300,000.  While the sale rate was down slightly, selling around two-thirds of your consignments is not doing too badly in today’s market.

Emerging as one of the most popular non-muscle cars from the 1960’s by folks who were born after it was built, this 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible was declared sold for $20,000

There were fewer muscle cars consigned this year, with five pre-1982 Camaro’s, nine first-generation (pre-1974) Mustang’s, three GTO’s, and a mere two Mopar’s.  The lack of muscle was more than made up for by a plethora of Corvettes of all eras, vintage pickups, and 26 Mercedes-Benz’s.

My “Pick of the Sale” was the sole Plymouth muscle car here, the 1969 Sport Satellite hardtop.  Very few were originally built, and it’s not hard to believe that a great many of the remaining examples have been turned into Road Runners over the years.  Wearing an older restoration in the ever popular all black color combination, this 383-V8 powered example shows you can have rarity, affordability, and utility in a muscle car that can be taken out and enjoyed.

Silver had a 100-percent sell-through rate for Plymouth muscle cars, and here it is. This 1969 Sport Satellite well represented the marque, selling for $15,300.

When all was said & done, Silver proved once again to be the “reality check” of the Arizona auction week, with realistic cars selling for realistic money.

Taking a page directly out of Duesenberg’s catalog, there were two varieties of 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix’s available. The Model J – like this example that sold for $11,000 – and the sportier Model SJ.

While there were several 1964 through 1966 Ford Thunderbirds to choose from, this 1965 was the only convertible consigned at Silver, selling for $15,750.



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