Shell Game II: More Unique Performance Mustang Shells Heading To Auction

Farmers Branch, TX—You’ve all followed the sordid tale of Unique Performance, the Texas-based company that used to produce the Shelby-designed Mustang GT500E Super Snake replica and other muscle car creations. As you recall, the courts stepped in and held an auction back in March that raised roughly $1 million to help settle the company’s debts.

    Well, here is your second chance to capitalize on the misfortunes of this now defunct business.

    Apparently the first auction failed to raise quite enough money, so auction company Rosen Systems recently posted that an additional 40 Mustang Fastback shells, body parts, tools lifts, and more will be heading to the auction block on June 24th.

    As you recall, the company was raided earlier this year and authorities seized 61 muscle cars, mainly Mustangs, in various stages of construction. Police allege that the business’ owners were involved in title-washing, an illegal practice where the VIN numbers are altered in order to conceal the car’s origin or classification as a salvaged vehicle.

    Back in March, the bankruptcy court offered 44 Mustang shells, five GTO shells, 19 Camaro shells, a Charger shell, five ‘Cuda shells, a Challenger shell, and a large selection of shop equipment and automotive parts at auction.

    Carroll Shelby and Chip Foose both ended their professional relationships with Unique Performance earlier this year. However, a number of former Unique Performance customers are currently in the process of filing suit against the company, claiming that the auto builder has bilked them out of approximately $7 million in deposits and has around 50 to 60 orders that it has yet to complete.

    Just because these unfortunate souls may never get their dream car from the former car builder doesn’t mean that all these parts should go to waste.

CLICK HERE to view the inventory and register to bid.


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