Every Club Needs Members Like This

If it were possible, the Toronado Owners Association would probably like to replicate Ed Moore.

Tiny mention of Mr. Moore was made in the July-August edition of Front Wheel Driver, TOA, P. O. Box 373, Hubertus, WI 53033-0373 (Mike Vogt, editor). “Ed Moore stands among the few in my life-long travels who has (even in absence) always been around. Ed worked at the Olds paint department in Lansing for years and is now working in the paint department at the proving grounds in Milford. His support of the TOA is very much appreciated.” So says President Bill Payne of TOA.

There’s more from the president: “It’s true that at times it is difficult to step out into the realm of the unknown…however, it is equally true that by stepping out and facing the wind head on you just might make a difference as to its direction. Many of our members are pitching in to support our goals and our growth. Their support is very much appreciated.”


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