Brain teaser: Solve these photo album mysteries

The staff of Old Cars Weekly is extremely fortunate that our loyal readers keep us well supplied with vintage photographs to publish in the various departments in the paper. One of these departments, “Reader Photos,” attracts submissions almost daily. Many of these submissions are taken right out of family photo albums, or have been discovered in the attics and basements of grandparents, parents or other relatives.

Due to the age of the photographs, unfortunately, many come to us with the all-too familiar refrain: “I have no idea who the people are, and can you tell me what kind of automobile it is?” Also too often, there is no writing on the back of these photographs to give clues as to the identity of the people and/or automobile posed for the camera.

The images on this page are examples of “mystery” cars. We thought it would be interesting to see if our readers can identify the cars in question. We’ll run answers in upcoming issues in “Sound Your Horn.”

And the lesson of this page? How about: “A picture is worth a thousand words, but five or six written on the back is priceless.”

1) From Guy Ball.








2) From Richard Slates.

3) From Tom Densmore.

4) From Richard Slates.

5) From Jim Webster.

6) From Jack Harlan.

7) From Richard Slates.

If you think you know, comment below or email Old Cars Weekly.


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