View fascinating 1936 footage of car assembly line


Check out this assembly line video showing different models of 1936 Chevrolets. There’s no narration — but, you don’t really need it.

Click here or on photo to start:


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4 thoughts on “View fascinating 1936 footage of car assembly line

  1. Don Piggins

    Absolutely over the top !!! This is the type of history I’ve been looking for. Thanks to whoever found and posted it. Please find more.
    Don Piggins

  2. Edward J Rappazini Sr

    This is amazing in itself, to think that the American Auto Worker, @ the Manufacturer, worked to make these automobiles. The process, the sophistication for 1936, until the breakeout of World War 2, should be shown to all to see what America did before,” NAPHTA” . This is over the top, congrats,to OLD CAR WEEKLY, FOR THE GREAT HISTORY LESSON.


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