Suggest a new diecast model… and WIN one from Automodello

To win a 1/43 model of your choice, just suggest Automodello’s next model!

First, go to Automodello’s website to see which cars they’ve already modeled in scale form.

Next, drop them a line at (you can also fax them at 877-238-7813 or mail them at Automodello, 540 Hawthorne Rd., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089) to suggest a car they haven’t yet modeled and one that is available in restored or original condition for measurements.

Automodello officials will determine the best suggestion and award a 1/43 model of the entrant’s choice to the one who makes the winning suggestion.

Automodello will select the winners in January after the contest ends and will only announce the car(s) which they intend to produce in 2013, the rest will be banked.

If there are multiple suggestions for the same car, we will put the names in a hat and then draw a winner.  Those remaining in the hat will then receive a $50 gift certificate to use on the Diecasm website.

Entries must be received by Dec. 31, 2012.


15 thoughts on “Suggest a new diecast model… and WIN one from Automodello

  1. John F. Quilter

    I suggest a model of the Triumph Italia 2000. An Italian bodied Triumph TR3 built in limited numbers. It had many styling cues that were later used on the Triumph TR4. Per the Vintage Triumph Registry the US consultant for these Triumph versions is Tyrone Stoner, Cell phone 704-929-4728. He should be able to connect you to someone with a restored car in his registry to photograph and measure.

  2. Walt Smith

    I would like to see a model made, and a good article written, on the Chrysler TC by Maserati which was manufactured in Milian, Italy from 1988 to 1991. I have owned one of these cars for over 9years and enjoy driving it. Very comfortable ride, good handling, very good economy and very well constructed. It isn’t a road burner, but people always look at it because it is different and you don’t see them. I know of only 5 within a 100 mile radius where I live, 50 miles north of San Francisco, CA. Mine is white with tan leather interior and has the V-6 engine with automatic transmission. It has a removable hard top and can be a convertable as an option. Not many were made and probably half of them are not on the road today.

  3. David Carroll

    Is this where I suggest a ssubject for a new model? If so here is my entry. You modeled a 54 Hornet Special sedan. How bout a 54 Hornet Club Coupe in Roman Bronz and Corranition Cream. This is the last year for a Hudson built body. My coupe is an earlly production car and has been restored as a go and show car. It is not perfact but it is stock. I have been looking for a model of my car for a long time without success. Besides the 1/43 size, I would like a larger 1/18, do you have a suggesition?
    Hudsonaly, Dave

  4. Larry Joiner

    would love to see original Triumph Spitfire 1500… great little cars that were affordable and fun to drive..
    maybe even build one in British Racing Green?

  5. James Semon

    I would like to see them make a replica of an American show car, the Packard Predictor which I saw at the Cleveland Auto Show in the Fall of 1955. It promised unique engineering and styling features which I found very exciting. I still have the show car brochure and recently saw the Predictor which resides at the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, IN. This was Richard Teagues finest styling exercise and would be a welcomed addition to replica collectors around the world.

  6. David Stojevich

    I suggest that the next model be a 1948 Ford Sedan Coupe. These are popular cars and as far as I know no one has ever produced a diecast model of this car.

  7. William D. Guentzler

    I personally feel that the one most outstanding Art Deco classics is the 1933 Nash, three window, rumble seat, coupes, ksnow as the “Kenosha Duesenberg”. These cars featured many advanced features including, Stablite headlamps, Stimsonite taillights, “Slip-Stream” high fashion body, jew super-ridgid “X-Dual” frame, Synchero-Shift transmission with silent second gear, and dual mufflers. It also boosted Artillery wheels, Gabriel, Thermostatically Controlled full automatic shock absorbers, driver’s sun visor, dual grease fittings on every spring, built in tool box (under the passenger’s seat, King -Seely Corporation fuel gauge, and Stewart-Warner speedometer. When equipped with the “Big Six” or the “Special Eight” in Nash’s words, ” This Year’s Most Interesting New Car”

  8. Gene Bethke

    1921 model T Center Door sedan. A rare car with the door placed where the passengers put their feet.Neat oval back window.Everybody has seen a roadster, but there is never a model of my car!


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