VJ Film from 1945: Cars, Jeeps and Youth

67 years ago this month, Richard Sullivan’s father shot this great video along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, Honolulu, capturing spontaneous celebrations that broke out upon first hearing news of the Japanese surrender.

Kodachrome 16mm film: God bless Kodachrome, right?

Take a look at this absolutely fabulous film from Aug. 14, 1945! Notice the cars, jeeps, and youth. What a snapshot of a historical day for Americans!

Click here to view video:  http://vimeo.com/5645171


One thought on “VJ Film from 1945: Cars, Jeeps and Youth

  1. Mike Carr

    My mother was in the service as a nurses aide during WWII. Her one regret was not staying in as a WAVE. Her father was a Norweigen Sea Captain. What an exciting time this must have been in Honolulu and across the nation at the end of the war. And for the next 30 years America rebuilt and built the finest country in the world with the absolute finest most beautiful cars. God Bless America!!


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