Cars of the Fantastic 50s: Now at a fabulous price!!

Whether you were alive in the 1950s or have relived them through music, fashion, automobiles or TV shows, chance are you know how the decade looked, what it sounded like and what types of cars were sitting in American garages.

    When you think of the 1950s, do you have visions of the harmonious wholesomeness of Leave it to Beaver or the hip-swiveling rebelliousness of Elvis? What about Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate, those great 1955-57 Chevrolets, Sputnik, Korea, and the first TV dinners?

    Nostalgia for the decade of Eisenhower, Elvis, and the Edsel seems to have started in the early 1970s. Cultural historians now tell us that the movie American Graffiti and later the TV show Happy Days helped to spur on the trend. After watching John Milner cruise the strip in his yellow Ford Coupe and Richie and the gang goofing at Arnolds, we fell in love all over again with the music, the attitude, and especially the cars.

    Cars of the Fantastic 50s  is a great document to those legendary vehicles that rolled out of Detroit and into our hearts. It gives equal space to cars from the big three and the independent makers such as Hudson, Kaiser and Nash—all having long ceased production. The pictures are large, colorful and gloriously show interior, exterior and engine details. Vintage advertisements of each model round out this collection.
    You’ll be transported back to a time where fins were in, curves were cool and chrome was king. For the first time, cars became a personal statement. Back then anything was possible and life was lived in full-color!

    Right now Cars of the Fantastic 50s is being offered for a low sale price so buy a copy for yourself or buy two copies and give one to a friend or fellow car enthusiast. Cruise back to yesterday and relive those great cars once again. 

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