Prank Gone Wrong: ’66 Nova Crashes Through Roof

Vista, Calif.—Investigators are trying to determine exactly how-and why-a 1966 Chevy Nova ended up crashing through the roof of a North County business late Sunday night.

    According to local news reports, it appears that someone using a large construction loader attempted to place car on the roof of the Sliding Door Company. However, the would-be-prankster apparently failed to take into account the weight of the car or the strength of the roof.

    “It actually crashed right through the roof into the business, and there’s extensive damage inside.” Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Maxin told the local NBC affiliate.

    Making matters worse, as the roof came crashing in, the car ruptured the company’s fire sprinkler system causing extensive damage to computers, carpets, and furniture in the business.

    Police did not state how badly the car was damaged in the accident.

    For lack of a better explanation, investigators are working under the speculation that the car may have been placed on the roof of the business as part of an ill-conceived prank.

    Workers plan to use a crane to remove the car from the building later this week.

    Investigators with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are still looking for the person responsible for the damage. That person could be charged with felony vandalism.

To watch the local news clip, CLICK HERE.


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