ACD Museum co-founder, wife die in crash

Old Cars Weekly is saddened to learn one of the co-founders of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum and his wife have died in a car accident.

According to news reports, John Martin Smith, 72, and his wife, Barbara Smith, 69, were killed the night of Oct. 5 when the car John Smith was driving on Interstate 69 went out of control, spun through the median and was struck from behind by a semitrailer. The Journal-Gazette and News-Sentinel report the collision threw the couple from the car.

Smith, an antique cars buff, had been president of the A-C-D Museum in Auburn, Ind., and the National Automotive & Truck Museum of the United States, also in Auburn. In addition, he published two books about DeKalb County history and had served on the board of trustees of the Indiana Historical Society.

We extend our sympathies to the Smith family.


One thought on “ACD Museum co-founder, wife die in crash

  1. Dennis Reilly

    The report indicates that they were struck by a semi trailer.The question is;Were they struck by the tractor as well or did they hit the trailer separately?This is an example of poor journalism that leaves unanswered questions.Still,a tragic story,nonetheless.


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