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Cover Story: Little Marmon or Model A?
Doug Thielking’s requirements were specific when he went looking for a car in an online auciton, but they weren’t so specific as to be inflexible. He chose a 1929 Roosevelt over a Ford Model A.

The Name Game
Countless names were carried by motor vehicles in the pioneer years of the industry. Most were flashes in history, some not even brilliant enough to be more than the gleam in an inventor’s eye, while others beamed with bright light for a few years, then faded to darkness.

Sleeping, but not neglected
Truck and car care doesn’t just happen. It takes diligence, a little effort and rational thought. A good maintenance plan will protect your vehicle and prolong its life, even when it is in storage.

Padding a seat or backrest: 101
Step-by-step instructions in how to install LeBaron Bonney Co. interior kits. 

Fortunate 500
Sometimes, getting into the old car hobby can provide you with more than a nice old car in your garage. For some guys, an old set of wheels can bring with it a brand new lease on life.

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