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Bill exempting vintage vehicle businesses from estimate requirements moves to Washington state senate

SEMA Action Network update

While you’re writing to your state senator, Washingtonians, be sure to request support for restoration and custom shops.

Rules Committee Approves Washington State Bill to Exempt Restoration and Custom Shops From Written Estimate Requirement; Moves Next to Senate Floor  

A SEMA-supported bill (S.B. 6005) to exempt restoration and custom shops from the requirement that they provide written estimates for the repair of any vehicle that qualifies for a “horseless carriage” or “collector vehicle” license plate, or is a “parts car,” “street rod” or “custom vehicle” was approved by the Washington State Senate Rules Committee, clearing its way for a vote by all members on the Senate floor.  The bill must be voted on before Wednesday, Feb. 15 if it is to have any chance to be considered this year in the Washington House of Representatives!

We Urge You to Contact All Senate Members (List Attached) Immediately To Request Their Support for S.B. 6005

S.B. 6005 would allow restoration and custom shops to bill at least every two weeks on a time & materials basis.  Shops would be able to accurately inform customers of actual costs and materials, removing vagueness associated with shops attempting to “guess” probable time for unique tasks and probable costs for unique, and in some cases, yet to be fabricated, parts.
Under Washington law, a “Horseless Carriage” is a vehicle that is more than forty years old and owned and operated as a collector vehicle; a “Collector Vehicle”  is any motor vehicle that is more than thirty years old; a “Custom Vehicle” is any  motor vehicle that is at least thirty years old and of a model year after 1948 or was manufactured to resemble a vehicle at least thirty years old and of a model year after 1948 and has alterations to one or more of the major component parts; a “Parts Car” is a motor vehicle that is owned by a collector to furnish parts for restoration or maintenance; and a “Street Rod” is a motor vehicle that is a 1948 or older vehicle or the vehicle was manufactured after 1948 to resemble a vehicle manufactured before 1949 and has alterations to one or more of the major component parts.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact all members of the Washington State Senate immediately to request their support of S.B. 6005.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance.

To e-mail all members of the Washington State Senate, copy and paste the email address block below:

michael.baumgartner@leg.wa.gov; Randi.Becker@leg.wa.gov; Don.Benton@leg.wa.gov; Lisa.Brown@leg.wa.gov; mike.carrell@leg.wa.gov; Maralyn.Chase@leg.wa.gov; Steve.Conway@leg.wa.gov; delvin.jerome@leg.wa.gov; delvin.jerome@leg.wa.gov; Tracey.Eide@leg.wa.gov; doug.ericksen@leg.wa.gov; joe.fain@leg.wa.gov; Karen.Fraser@leg.wa.gov; David.Frockt@leg.wa.gov; David.Frockt@leg.wa.gov; Jim.Hargrove@leg.wa.gov; Nick.Harper@leg.wa.gov; Brian.Hatfield@leg.wa.gov; MaryMargaret.Haugen@leg.wa.gov; Hewitt.Mike@leg.wa.gov; andy.hill@leg.wa.gov; Steve.Hobbs@leg.wa.gov; holmquist.janea@leg.wa.gov; honeyford.jim@leg.wa.gov; Jim.Kastama@leg.wa.gov; Karen.Keiser@leg.wa.gov; Derek.Kilmer@leg.wa.gov; Curtis.King@leg.wa.gov; Adam.Kline@leg.wa.gov; Jeanne.Kohl-Welles@leg.wa.gov; Steve.Litzow@leg.wa.gov; Rosemary.McAuliffe@leg.wa.gov; morton.bob@leg.wa.gov; Edward.Murray@leg.wa.gov; sharon.nelson@leg.wa.gov; mike.padden@leg.wa.gov; LindaEvans.Parlette@leg.wa.gov; cheryl.pflug@leg.wa.gov; Margarita.Prentice@leg.wa.gov; pridemore.craig@leg.wa.gov; Kevin.Ranker@leg.wa.gov; Debbie.Regala@leg.wa.gov; roach.pam@leg.wa.gov; Christine.Rolfes@leg.wa.gov; schoesler.mark@leg.wa.gov; schoesler.mark@leg.wa.gov; Timothy.Sheldon@leg.wa.gov; paull.shin@leg.wa.gov; Val.Stevens@leg.wa.gov; swecker.dan@leg.wa.gov; Rodney.Tom@leg.wa.gov; zarelli.joseph@leg.wa.gov

Washington State Senate

Senator Michael Baumgartner
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Senator Rodney Tom
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Senator Joseph Zarelli
Phone: (360) 786-7634
Email: zarelli.joseph@leg.wa.gov

One thought on “Bill exempting vintage vehicle businesses from estimate requirements moves to Washington state senate

  1. Harland Lippold

    Update: SSB 6005 has passed in the Washington State Senate, with a vote of 47 for, 0 against, and 2 excused. One of the two excused was the prime sponsor of the bill, so calling the vote unanimous is safe. The bill has been passed to the House of Representatives. Its public hearing was Friday, February 17, 2012. Nine people from across Washington attended in favor of the bill; four testified, and there were none opposed to the bill present. The bill is set for consideration by the House Business and Financial Services Committeeon Tuesday, February 21, after which it will move to the House Rules Committee. Please provide your support for this bill to all members of Washington’s House of Representatives immediately! This session of Washington’s legislature closes March 8, and bills not signed by that time are dead, despite unanimous approval.


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