Come On Down

ccording to the seller, this 2007 Cadillac XLR is the very last car ever given away by Bob Barker on the long-running game show The Price Is Right, on the episode that aired on June 15th.

price is right.jpg

    So, if have you always dreamed of bouncing your way down the aisle of the show’s Burbank studio while Rod Roddy bellowed out your own personal invitation to “Come On Down!,” then this just might be your final chance to live out your dream, sort of.

    If you are a firm believer that dreams do come true, then you have no choice but to get busy bidding on this 90-mile Cadillac XLR… which has a starting bid price of $65,000 (and a reserve that you’ll just have to guess). Not to spoil your dream, but if our memories are correct, the car they had on the show itself was black, so you’d need to whip out the paperwork from CBS to prove to skeptics that Bob really did (sorta) give this very car away.

And don’t forget…”Have your pets spayed or neutered!

To enter a bid on your own little piece of potential television history on eBay, CLICK HERE.



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