Flaming Kamikaze Squirrel Torches Car

A New Jersey woman’s car was destroyed recently after it apparently came under attack by a flaming kamikaze squirrel.

According to a report in the Jersey Journal, the squirrel appears to have burst into flames after chewing through a powerline located directly over the car.

Lindsey Millar, 23, and her brother Tony, 22, were home at the time of the incident which destroyed Ms. Millar’s Toyota Camry.

Tony Millar explained: "The squirrel chewed through the wire, was set on fire, fell down directly to where the car was. The squirrel, on fire, slid into the engine compartment and blew up the car."

Local authorities do not suspect foul play in the nutty incident.

Mr. Millar noted that his sister was fully insured against incendiary squirrel strikes.

"It’s something to laugh about once she has a new car,” he said. “It’s not funny yet.”

As a rather poignant footnote, the article in the Jersey Journal notes that the Millars’ house was recently fully decked out in anticipation of Halloween, "complete with a tiny plastic tombstone on their front lawn". Tony Millar said the family "will consider dedicating the tombstone to the squirrel".


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