Political Unrest Derails Great Race

More than 100 years ago 17 men from four nations raced round the globe in an endurance test that pitted man against machine and united the world.

    This “Greatest Auto Race” of 1908 spanned the globe as drivers sped from New York to Paris, introducing remote parts of the world to a new mode of transportation.  Despite rumors of conflict as Europe began the downward spiral that would become World War I, these 17 men were allowed to cross borders with relative ease as the world watched with fascination as these new machines sped onward.

    Fast forward 100 years, as a re-creation of the Great Race is set to begin in mere weeks, retracing the path of the 1908 event, we find that despite incredible advancements in technology the greatest hurdle facing the more than 100 drivers, could potentially boil down to politics.

    Bill Ewing, CEO of Great Race Sports, announced earlier today that the Great Race 2008: New York to Paris, has been postponed after the permits required to travel through China were unexpectedly recalled.

    According to the press release posted on its web site, www.greatrace.com, “Great Race Sports is hard at work exploring all options to turn this race in honor of the 100th anniversary.”

    While few details are know at this time, OldCarsWeekly.com will keep you updated as the details of the postponement begin to unfold and new details as to the future of the race are released.


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