Head back to school for free with ‘Oil 101: Fact or Fric­tion’


Attention, old car enthusiasts: The University of Northwestern Ohio is offering its first Mas­sive Open Online Course which is free and open to the public.

“Oil 101: Fact or Fric­tion” will begin on Sept. 22. It is a four-week course, entirely online, and will be taught by Tom Grothous, Dean of the UNOH Col­lege of Applied Technolo­gies, and known locally as Mr. Wheels.

Are you using the right type of engine oil in your vehicle? Is synthetic, conventional, or blended oil the best? Are there certain oil types that are better than others? Engine type, driving style, weather, and age of vehicle and engine are some of the important factors to consider when selecting the best oil for your vehicle. The misuse of oil can be detrimental to the life of your vehicle. There is much more to oil than meets the eye!

The course will be bro­ken down into four weekly modules that contain vid­eos and discussion opportunities about Engine Oil Myths, Engine Oil Weights & Viscosities, Engine Oil Brands & Types, and Choosing the Best Oil for Your Vehicle.

Those en­rolled in the course will start each week by watch­ing an introductory video, followed by an opportunity to discuss the topic with fellow learners. They will then watch a more in-depth video about each topic. A self-check quiz at the end of each week will allow enrollees to test their knowledge of each area of focus.

The public can now en­roll in the course with the modules opening on Sept. 22. The course content will remain available un­til Nov. 3 to give learners more time to complete the course if needed. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

MOOCs are a relatively new technology used in distance education to bring people of all ages together to learn about a topic of similar interests. Since the course is free, there is no cost barrier for people wanting to explore an on­line course to see if college would be a good fit for them. As a bonus, participants will learn about a topic they are interested in and be able to communicate with the instructor and fellow learners.

To sign up for the Oil 101 MOOC, visit https://www.canvas.net/courses/oil101-fact-or-friction





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