Indiana to Allow Display of Vintage License Plates

Automobilia sellers may see an increase in business across the state of Indiana this year following the approval of a new regulation that allows owners of antique, historic, and classic vehicles to display vintage “year-of-vehicle-manufacture” plates on their classic vehicles.

    The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles  put that decision into effect Jan. 1, 2008.

    Under the new regulation, vintage vehicle owners will be issued a standard Historic Vehicle Plate, a current registration with the Historic Vehicle Plate information and an affidavit allowing the “year-of-manufacture” (vintage license) plate to be used in lieu of the state issued Historic Vehicle Plate.

    The right to display the vintage plates will cost the owner an additional $48.

    The year-of-manufacture plate is to be supplied by the vehicle owner. This plate must be in good condition and does not have to be the original plate issued for the car. However, the vintage plate must be in original condition and may not re-painted or restored.

    The new regulation requires that the state-issued Historic Vehicle Plate must be carried inside the vehicle at all times even though vintage plate will be displayed on the vehicle.

    Further requirements include:

  • The year-of-manufacture plate must be metal;
  • It may not be altered in any way;
  • Fading must be minimal;
  • Plate may only contain minor rust on the face of the plate;
  • Plate cannot be bent;
  • Vintage plate must match the picture of the plate issued for the year of manufacture according to Indiana BMV records;
  • Vintage plate must have been issued the year the vehicle was manufactured even if it is not the year that the customer first plated the vehicle.

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One thought on “Indiana to Allow Display of Vintage License Plates

  1. Ty Herfel

    I am looking to purchase a vintage Indiana license plate. It is from the year 1962 and Delaware county (18). Any help with this would be greatly appricated.


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