Junior Johnson Story Headed to Big Screen

The Junior Johnson Story to become a movie: Redwood Palms Pictures has signed on to produce the true-life story of racing legend, Junior Johnson.

    Commonly referred to as the father of modern stock car racing, Johnson began his career as a young teen running illegal moonshine on the dusty back roads of North Carolina, sharpening his unique driving skills by continually evading the law.

    Little did he know, he would help launch an entire industry? Whiskey Beginnings is one of those stories that crystallizes the American Dream and tells the story of how one man’s passion changed the world. Junior Johnson not only became a legend in his own time, but a true American hero.

    “This story takes place during the great depression, in a time when many people fought daily for their survival,” states Mike DiManno, CEO of Redwood Palms.  “And out of that adversity was born one of the greatest heroes we’ve ever known.”

    Redwood Palms is partnering with writers Fred Griffith and Chris Mulkey. Based on the book, "Junior Johnson: Brave in Life" by Tom Higgins and Steve Waid, the film is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall of 2008.


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