The Last Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Built in North America

After building more than 6 million Fords in Minnesota, the company has ceased production of vehicles at its St. Paul plant.

The last Ford Ranger pickup truck built in North America rolled off the assembly line Dec. 16, 2011, at Ford’s historic Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul, Minn. More than 7 million Rangers have been built since production began in 1982 at a Ford factory in Louisville, Ky. The last U.S.-built Ranger will find a home with Orkin Pest Control, which has purchased thousands of Rangers for its fleet since 1983. The end of Ranger production also signifies the last vehicle to be built with Ford’s famous “Cologne” V6, ending 49 years and more than 25 million units of production. (12/16/2011)

2 thoughts on “The Last Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Built in North America

  1. Gary Sonnenberg

    What’s the matter Ford? Why can’t we have a small truck to pick from? Rename the Explorer Sportrac the Ranger Crew Cab, update the power train (a 3.5 L turbo would be sweet), add a styling wrinkle or two and we’ll keep buying these things forever! I don’t want a full size truck. Gimme my Ford back!


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