Michigan town becomes ‘Land of Lincoln(s)’

1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan convertible.jpgThe scenic town of Hickory Corners, Mich., home of several important automobile museums, welcomed the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), as it does annually, on June 2-4 for a Grand Experience. But at this year’s event, several different grilles 1942 Lincoln Continental cabrioletpointed their way to the grounds, and they bore the distinct shape of those found on Lincolns.

Lincolns of all body styles and many eras, from the marque’s inception to 1979, were welcomed to participate in the weekend-long affair on the shared 1940 Cadillac victoria.jpggrounds of the Gilmore Car Museum and Classic Car Club of America Museum in Hickory Corners. As such, Leland Lincolns, Edsel Ford-inspired Continentals, “Kennedy-era” Lincolns, and even Cartier-outfitted Lincolns were present.

To assemble all of these Lincolns, the CCCA called on three Lincoln clubs: the Lincoln Owner’s Club, 1929 Hudson dual-cowl phaeton.jpgLincoln-Zephyr Owners Club, and the Continental Owners Club. Together, these clubs gathered an impressive display of more than 100 Lincolns built from 1921-’79. With the addition of the many Classics present, the show field was full with several hundred cars, from a rare Stearns-Knight cabriolet to a 1927 Stearns-Knight cabrioletpair of Duesenberg Murphy convertible coupes.

Even Lincoln’s main domestic competitor, Cadillac, retaliated with several stunning models from the Classic era. Notable representatives were a 1933 V-16 victoria, 1930 Cadillac Fleetwood V-1979 Lincoln Continental Mark IVs.jpg16 town car, and a 1931 Cadillac V-8 opera coupe.

GM’s luxury marque will have its day next year when the CCCA welcomes many eras of Cadillacs to its Grand Experience.

For more information o1930 Lincoln.jpgn the CCCA and its many events, go to www.classiccarclub.org, or call 847-390-0443.


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