Million-mile Saab donated to museum

MILWAUKEE (AP) ‘ Peter Gilbert has been given a brand new Saab for free, but he first had to log more than 1 million miles on his old one.

Last summer, Saab executives verified the mileage on Peter Gilbert’s old car and talked about exhibiting it in a Swedish museum, but didn’t.Wis Auto Museum..jpg

Gilbert, a traveling salesman, then donated the 1989 Saab 900 SPG to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at the time he was a little disappointed he hadn’t gotten so much as a Saab T-shirt, much less a replacement auto.

Once Gilbert’s story was told, the company decided to provide him with a new Saab 9-5 Aero and offer one to anyone who put 1 million miles on a Saab as the original owner.

“We have no idea, frankly, how many cars that will be. At this point, we only know of Peter’s car,” said Jan-Willem Vester, a spokesman for Saab.
Gilbert is due to get his new car early next year. “I am on cloud nine right now. This is exactly the car I wanted,” he said recently.


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