Workers Unearth Vehicle In Minnesota…and This Time it isn’t a Plymouth Belvedere!

CAMP RIPLEY, Minn.— You never know what you will find when you grab a shovel and start digging. While it may not be as big as unearthing a ’57 Plymouth Belvedere, workers at Camp Ripley made a unique discovery of their own earlier this week.

    Plumbers were digging a 15-foot-deep trench to lay a new sewer line when they uncovered a World War I military motorcycle and sidecar.

    David Hanson, who directs Camp Ripley’s Military Museum, says the cycle is at least early 1918, 1919 or maybe early ’20s vintage.

    Hanson says the motorcycle was discovered only 200 yards away from the museum as plumbers were digging a 15-foot deep trench to lay a new sewer line.

    "You can definitely tell this was the gas tank, it looks like a heavy duty bike! It’s got a pedal system on it and a kick stand in the back," Hanson told local media.

    According to Hanson, there have been rumors that the Army dumped dozens of similar bikes in the old Camp Ripley landfill, which was located at the spot where the plumbers made their discovery.

    Hanson says the cycle will be restored and displayed at the museum.


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