Ponzi schemer’s cars headed to auction

Nearly 300 vehicles rounded up by U.S. Marshals in Salt Lake City, Utah, are scheduled to be up for auction next month. The cars belong to alleged Ponzi scheme mastermind Jeffrey L. Mown. Mowen was arrested recently in Panama for and accused of taking $18 million from investors. He pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this month.

Mowen allegedly used the money to amass a “large collection of luxury and antique automobiles and motorbikes,” according to several published reports.

Erkelens & Olson Auctioneers in Salt Lake will conduct the auctions for the U.S. Marshals Utah district. The huge collection is stocked with high-end Bentleys, Mercedes, exotics and many collector vehicles.

Mowen also faces charges of trying to get another Davis County inmate to kill four people who were scheduled to testify against him. He also pleaded not guilty to those charges.

To view the vehicles scheduled for auction, visit http://www.salesandauction.com


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