National Corvette Museum Expanding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Ceremonial ground-breaking for the National Corvette Museum’s 47,000-sq.-ft. expansion wasn’t scheduled until April 24-26, but as of April 17, earthwork was already underway.

    In the course of the expansion, the museum will be reversed, the long-time front becoming the back, and an all-new facade, as well as exhibit area, is being erected in the former back yard.

Earthwork is underway at the National Corvette Museum.

    Visitors to the new facility will enter through an indoor main street, Corvette Boulevard, lined with an admissions desk, library and archives, a diner (Corvette Café) seating 80, a marquee (Conference Center), and a store (Corvette Store). New Corvette buyers can take museum delivery of their cars on Corvette Boulevard, which has a capacity of 12 cars, while the conference center, which can seat 400 for dinner or display 30 cars, will be used for auctions, banquets and seasonal exhibits. A Corvette Club Room will also be provided in the new expansion. This will allow visiting clubs to conduct meetings while at the museum.

    The expanded library and archives will also act as a repository for a significant amount of material belonging to the National Corvette Restorers Society.

    The $10 million expansion is being funded through donations and debt, and is expected to open in 2009. For additional information on contributing, call 800-53VETTE or e-mail or visit the museum’s Web site at


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