Push underway for National Day of Recognition for Corvette

EFFINGHAM, Ill. –In a year filled with political grandstanding, intense political debates, and the all-important Presidential elections, a grassroots movement is underway to cut through all the red tape and unite the nation under a common banner—the Corvette.

    Long a supporter of the Corvette hobby and creator of “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day”, Mid America Motorworks is looking to take things one-step further this election year.
    The Illinois-based company recently petitioned the United States Congress to declare June 30th a National Day of Recognition for Corvette – America’s First Sports Car.

    The petition is being presented by United States Congressman John Shimkus (R-Illinois), and all Corvette enthusiasts are urged to contact their U.S. Congressional Representatives to help pass this resolution.

    “As the longest running, most widely respected production sports car in United States history, the Chevrolet Corvette is more than a material possession. It is truly a symbol of American pride. For this reason Mid America Motorworks is launching a grassroots movement to honor America’s True Sports Car with a National Day of Recognition.” said Mike Yager, founder of Mid America Motorworks.

    Mid America Motorworks has a history of creating national movements to honor the Corvette. In June of 2001, Mid America Motorworks created Drive Your Corvette To Work Day as an annual event to celebrate Corvette’s birthday on the Friday closest to June 30. On Friday, June 27th 2008, thousands of Corvette lovers will drive their Corvette to work to participate in the 8th annual event.
    In September of 2001, Mid America Motorworks orchestrated a massive grassroots movement, called the Corvette Stampede, to petition the United States Post Office to create a Corvette Stamp. The stamp was to honor of the 50th Anniversary of Corvette. Finally released in 2005, the USPS debuted the stamp at Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest.
    This year, as GM celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2008, a National Day of Recognition is a fitting tribute to Corvette – GM’s greatest contribution to the automotive industry.  Every Corvette owner is encouraged to petition his or her congressional representative to pass the resolution declaring June 30th as a National Day of Recognition for Corvette.

    For more information on the National Day of Recognition for the Corvette, go to www.mamotorworks.com/corvette or call 866-281-7124.


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