Forget About Your Mustang: Naturmobil Offers “Real” Horsepower!

Leave it to those innovative folks over in the Persian Gulf to come up with the ultimate “Hybrid” vehicle.

    Believe it or not, Abdolhadi Mirhejazi of Dubai, has created the ultimate “green” vehicle, and it doesn’t run on Ethanol…well, actually it could run on corn.

    Despite sitting smack-dab in the middle of a huge oil reserve, Mirhejazi dreamed up the idea of creating an innovative one-horsepower vehicle.

    While it may sound like your run-of-the-mill horse-drawn wagon, it isn’t. The Dubai resident has literally put the car before the horse with his new design.

The single-horse Naturmobil.

    Unlike his Canadian counterpart that created a man-powered car, Mirhajazi designed a vehicle that basically boils down to a horse strapped to a treadmill that powers a generator which pushes power to a 36-gear gearbox that makes this wagon run.

    While it is doubtful that you would pick up many speeding tickets in Mirhajazi’s creation, the vehicle cruises comfortably at 12 mph and can reach top speeds of 50 mph. Although, reaching top-speed in the Naturmobil may require the assistance of a jockey and a riding crop (whip) and a possibly even a good set of sharp spurs.

    For those of you who find yourselves worrying about the safety and comfort of the horse, there is no need to worry. While the Naturmobil does not come equipped with the equivalent of equine airbags, the design does include an advanced suspension system and sensors that monitor the horse’s body temperature. If the animal gets too hot or tired, an electronic switch automatically shuts down the treadmill and a small DC motor takes kicks in to power the vehicle. Food and water containers are also built into the design to make sure that your horse is always well fed and doesn’t go thirsty.

    As with any new concept vehicle, the creator had included an “emissions” control unit into his design to keep the roadways clean and the air fresh.

    If you are a big fan of smaller automobiles like the BMW Isetta, and the ever-popular VW Beetle, then maybe you could be the first on your block to run with Mirhajazi’s idea and build your very own naturally powered vehicle utilizing trained squirrels.

    The creator of this unique vehicle is currently planning an around the world marketing attempt to help secure financing for the second generation, 4-horsepower Naturmobil that he plans to use for tourist transportation.

    For more information on the Naturmobil, visit


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