Organizing Your Garage

For many people, the garage is the place that tends to accumulate the most clutter. People are often overwhelmed by the amount of items scattered throughout the area. Figuring out where to put everything can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, organizing your garage does not have to be a difficult job. Homeowners who plan and implement the following storage methods can easily turn their garage into a safe and tidy area:

Shelves: Installing shelves is a great way to organize many loose items. They can hold such items as tools, spare vehicle parts, and garden equipment. You can prevent shelves from falling by fastening shelves to the wall. For items that may be hazardous to children and pets, place them on high shelves. Light items should be placed on the highest shelves and heavier items should be placed on lower shelves

Hooks: To prevent accidents, install hooks along a sidewall for hanging shovels, car parts such as bumpers, rakes, bikes…etc.

Storing Paint Safely: When storing paint cans, make they are secured with an airtight seal. Keep paint cans and spray paints away from heat, direct sunlight, sparks and open flames. Make sure they are stored in a well ventilated area that is not hot.

Storage Bins: Use lockable metal or plastic bins to store various supplies. This will keep potentially dangerous items out of the hands of children. Place small storage bins on high shelves

Hanging Buckets: Hang either plastic or metal buckets on the wall for storing such items as vehicle cleaning supplies, tools, car maintenance items, extra parts…etc. Make sure you label each bucket.

Pegboards: Install pegboards to hang such items as screwdrivers, wrenches, paintbrushes, and flashlights.  This will help you keep all of your tools in a safe and accessible place.

Garage Storage Cabinets: Building or purchasing cabinets will provide extra storage space. You can use locks to keep hazardous items away from children.

Dispose of Flammable Materials:  Items such as newspapers and oily rags are fire hazards. Gasoline and or kerosene should be stored in an outdoor storage area that is cool and located away from the house.

Loose Item Storage: Use small storage boxes and bins for small items that do not belong to a particular category. Use jars with proper lids to store nails and screws.

By organizing your garage, you will not only reduce clutter, but you will also create a clean and safe place to store your items and work on special home projects.

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