Mechanic Charged with Stealing Urinal Parts to Hoon His Mercedes

Police in Taiwan suspect that a sticky-fingered young mechanic with a less than conventional approach to auto-engineering may have stolen a number of sensors from urinals at a local gas station in an attempt to improve the performance of his Mercedes-Benz.

    Police sources in the country have leaked – as it were – the story that Wang Chi-sheng, of Taipei, was taken into custody recently on suspicion of trespassing.

    According to police reports, Mr. Wang told authorities that he had broken into the gas station and stolen the sensors as part of a scheme to test the stolen toilet parts on his car.

    Commenting on the man’s plan, the Taiwanese Mercedes-Benz technical department called the plan “unbelievable,” and warned other budding automotive engineers that using urinal sensors on their cars could create a short-circuit, igniting the fuel, and possibly even leading to an explosion.

    “The probability of using a sensor from a public urinal to replace special factory-made sensors was and remains zero,” the automotive manufacturer is quoted as saying in the Beijing Post.

    In any event, no one was hurt in Mr. Wang’s case leaving the accused criminal very relieved.

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