Tucker convertible a no-sale in Scottsdale

The controversial Tucker convertible was a no-sale at Russo and Steele’s Scottsdale auction Sunday night.

Bidding reached $1.4 million on the one-off Tucker, but car owner Justin Cole apparently was unwilling to lift the reserve and the sale stalled. The reserve was rumored to be $1.5 million.

According to a press release issued by Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions on their Web site, Cole guaranteed that his company will restore some minor damage caused by Thursday’s high winds and rain, which collapsed several tents on the Russo and Steele site and damaged scores of collector cars.

In the announcement, the auction company said:  "Following the severe storm that hit Scottsdale on Thursday night, the 1948 Tucker convertible was extremely fortunate that it only sustained minor damages. However, Justin Cole, President of Benchmark Classic Restoration, is providing the new owner with a guarantee that Benchmark Classic Restorations, a world-class restoration company, will restore 100 percent of the minor damages caused by the storm. Benchmark Classics was the original restorer of the 1948 Tucker Convertible, so is intimately familiar with the automobile and its restoration needs.

“’It is unfortunate that this freak storm occurred on Thursday but Drew and his team have done a remarkable job of getting things back in order,” said Cole. “Having only received minor damage, I am certain the Tucker Convertible will arrive to its new owner in pristine condition. I am thankful that no one was hurt and the auction will go on.’

The auction was scheduled to continue today in Scottsdale.

For additional information or images, regular updates will be made to the company website at www.russoandsteele.com, on the company’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-AZ/Russo-and-Steele/63384680796 or follow on Twitter @RussoandSteele.




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13 thoughts on “Tucker convertible a no-sale in Scottsdale

  1. Kirk


  2. Marcus Hoener

    The controversy was only on the Tucker club’s part only. Now, the Tucker club itself has become somewhat the subject of controversy. Their own members are fighting with the Club’s own board and president over some serious charges by the members. I guess the Tucker story began with controversy, beginning with none other than Preston Tucker. Finally he was exhonerated. Then there is the Tucker convertible controversy. Now, alot of people are saying it is real and looks to be on the road to exhoneration. Now, currently, the Tucker club itself is involved in an ongoing controversy within it’s own ranks and yes, it smells rank too! It may take the removal of the current board and president to heal that situation. So, maybe there is a Tucker curse going on with anything attached to the Tucker legacy.

  3. Gary R.

    The Tucker convertible is the only real thing out there. The Tucker club is the only thing in question. They always have alot of questions about alot of things, but now people (their own members included) have alot of questions about them! Sounds like their own questions came around to bite them in the butt. Whether they survive is questionable!

  4. Jeremy Pierce

    I am afraid that all the publicity, over the convertible all over the world, is driving up prices for these cars. It may well be that we, as John Q. Public, may not get to see these cars much longer as the prices are rising dramatically, going from $250,000 in year 2000 to over just a million for a sedan and 1.5 million for the convertible in 2009. Even the junker #1010 went for about $800,000 in January, 2011. The Duesenburg in Pebble Beach in the fall of 2011 was expected to go for between 2 to 3 million, but ended up fetching 10 million! That unbelievable! I’m afraid that as the recession (or depression as some say) begins to subside the rich are going to say, now is the time to buy and drive these Tuckers through the roof! I know #1043 Tucker is coming up for auction in January, 2012 and I hope it doesn’t jump in price like the Duesenburg did which would make the Tucker sedan jump to 3 to 3.5 million, if you use the same multiple! I’m sure that would make the rest of the owners of their Tuckers squirrel away their cars into more hibernation, to the disadvantage of us fans, but that appears to be the way it is going, regrettably! Can’t the government step in and stop this? They seem to do it with everything else!

  5. Beatrice Masilino

    I could see the convertible hitting those prices, since it is well know all over the world. People like all vibe that comes with the car and they want to capture that for themselves. Makes them feel more important, sorta like a pedigree or owning an icon, and thus that makes them feel more important! The rest of the Tuckers, I don’t know. Maybe!

  6. Otto Winklin

    Know a guy who said he is going to bid on #1043 Tucker coming at the auction at Barrett-Jackson and is willing to go to 2.3 million to get that car. He said they are never going to get cheaper.

  7. Rodney L.

    Yes sir, the Tucker Club and their regular gunslingers on their website, called Tucker Topics, tried to shoot the Tucker convertible story down and in the end they ended up shooting their own foot. The convertible legend is living on and the club’s website has been shut down since Oct. 1, 2011. That’s what happens when you try to kill something for “just the thrill of killing”, and you die by the sames means, you tried to kill it. Live by the sword, die by it! Now they’re walking into the sunset, kicking horse terds as they go!

  8. Contrarian

    Don’t want to upset anyone here, but it might be better to take the convertible Tucker #57 back to the way that Tremulis (Tucker designer) had envisioned for this car, when he pulled it off assembly to become the 49 model change with the big wrapped around rear window. I think that would satisfy alot of people by taking it back to it’s roots. It may even be worth more that way. And it wouldn’t cost that much in light what these cars are now bringing.

  9. Roadrunner

    The convertible story has already been proven to be a hoax. Perhaps a followup is in order.

    Since the bogus convertible story was conceived and made public, many vintage documents have come forward from many different sources about the provenance of frame/body/cowl of #57. Photographs, descriptions and letters from the 1950’s and eyewitness accounts have since come forth that confirm that #57 never was and never could have been a convertible, at least not until the 1990’s. Unfortunately, it appears the body with the big back window was removed from the frame in the late 1950’s at the same time its frame was also reworked. #57 was still a coupe up until that time. The detective work that brought together the facts would be a very interesting read.

    It’s a tragic fate for what could have been an authentic restoration (or more accurately, a completion) of the proposed body changes for the 1949 coupe instead of the never-was convertible. Until it’s put back to the way it was originally intended, there’s always going to be a dark cloud over its soft top.

  10. Sigfreid

    The only dark cloud in most people’s minds is the one over the Tucker club. Seems no one that was in the club is speaking to much about that dark cloud that hangs over it’s soft spot, ever so prevalently. It was quietly swept under the rug and not alot of discussion about it. It sure is different when the shoe is on the other foot. I would like to order a truck full of Dr. Scholls odor eater shoe inserts for them as a gift. Then there are some die hard club members try to revive old battles to deflect heat from the club’s shenanigans. Clean up your own house first, then you would be worthy to move on to more lofty subjects. Then people would be more willing to listen.. I guess! Most people don’t even care if it was a convertible or not. It’s just to long on the tooth for that discussion anymore. Just the shadow boxers, who can’t let go, are still interested!


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