Wedded Bliss or Bust Giveaway

Anyone who has ever walked down the aisle – whether once or multiple times – probably remembers the wedding car involved in whisking away the bride and groom while the rice was still flying. Better yet, there are photographs to support that special moment when true love was at its peak and anticipation of honeymoon adventure was heavy.

    There are many great wedding day stories out there, some funny, some sad and some horrific as a pre-planned day went terribly wrong. Most involve an automobile, truck or even motorcycle that was the focal point of the post-ceremony celebration (or getaway). Even if everything went as planned, if you had an interesting vehicle involved in your wedding we’d like to share that, too.

    Send your stories and image(s) of your wedding day transportation and we’ll publish them for the enjoyment of readers. The Old Cars Weekly staff will randomly select one submission to receive the valuable gift package pictured on this page. (Think of it as a belated wedding present!)

    Send your submissions to Old Cars Weekly Wedding Car, c/o Ron Kowalke, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001. Or, submit your stories and images via e-mail to: (images must be at least 300 dpi and five inches wide). All original photographs submitted will be returned after publication.

    The deadline to submit material is April 30. The stories will be published in a June issue, which is a fitting tribute to all the June brides out there.

The story and its author randomly selected to receive this gift package will get the following books: “Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars,” “Cars of the Sensational ’60s,” “Super ’70s” and “Station Wagon:  A Tribute To America’s Workaholic On Wheels.” The recipient will also receive a copy of The Best of Old Cars and Auto Restoration magazines and a one-year subscription (new or renewal) to Old Cars Weekly newspaper. (Kris Kandler photo)

Cooking duties can be a sticking point in marriage, so this vintage and collectible grilling chef’s apron adds a comic twist to the gift package. It’s modeled by Krause Publications’ books database specialist Sandi Morrison. (Kris Kandler photo) 


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