Missing Hell’s Angel collection headed to block

Smith’s 1937 Cadillac Fleetwood was used
at the ceremonial opening of the Golden
Gate Bridge.

The vintage car collection of a missing Canadian and former Hell’s Angel will be up for auction April 24-25. Cedric Baxter Smith has not been seen since May of 2008 and is presumed dead by family and friends. He is one of 17 full-patch members of the Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels.

His last credit card transaction was May 21, and there has been no activity in his bank accounts or cellphone, according to newspaper reports. He is presumed to have been killed, perhaps by Hells Angels associates, after getting caught in an undercover drug sting.

Among Smith’s car collection is a 1937 Cadillac Fleetwood that was used at the ceremonial opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, a 1936 Cadillac, a 1936 Lincoln and 1938 Buick. All of Smith’s vehicles will be sold at no reserve by Car Crazy auction company. Car Crazy previously sold Smith’s 1934 Pierce Arrow for $100,000. Another Pierce Arrow is being sold in the upcoming the auction. See www.carcrazy.ca for details. 

A second Pierce Arrow will be sold at the
auction. The first, a 1937, was sold earlier
for $100,000.


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