GM to auction more of its Heritage Collection

General Motors parted with some of its treasured Heritage Collection earlier this year. Now it appears the financially battered automaking giant will be getting rid of a lot more of them.

On April 6, GM unveiled plans to auction off about 100 Heritage Collection cars at this weekend’s Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach, Fla. event. GM also revealed plans to sell off Saab in an attempt to avoid financial ruin.

Among the cars that are scheduled to be up for bids are a 1920 Chevrolet Model T truck, a 1999 Camaro Z/28 from the movie “Runaway Bride,” and one of four 1978 Corvette Indy 500 pace cars.

GM opened the Heritage Center in 2004 and featured about 350 of the company’s most influential vehicles. Not all of the fleet made it into the Center, however, and since then about 230 had been sold heading into the weekend’s Barrett-Jackson auction. At one time the collection stood at about 1,000 vehicles. Greg Wallace, manager of the General Motors Heritage Center, told the Los Angeles Times, “Every little bit counts. It costs a lot to house that many vehicles.”

According to the L.A. Times story, most of the vehicles will be sold with a scrapped title, meaning the car is not road-worthy, or as a bill of sale — meaning it is not to ever be driven on the road.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a deal to sell Saab looks likely to happen by June 2009. Saab has said in court documents that “currently there are more than 20 interested parties”, although declined to mention any names.


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