New Product: 1939-48 Ford Wheel Cylinders

Modern brake fluids have aggressive chemistry that can attack raw cast iron and cause costly and potentially dangerous brake failures on vintage vehicles. To counter the problem, Speedway Motors has added new 1939-48 Ford Wheel Cylinders with Stainless Steel Sleeves to its extensive line of street rod parts.

These 1939-48 Ford Wheel Cylinders are designed for traditional-style hot rods as well as restored original classics.

Speedway Motors starts with all-new castings and installs corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeves to provide long-lasting performance. Each wheel cylinder has two bore sizes, just as the originals did, and features new pistons, cups, seals and bleeders. They’re available for the left- and right-hand side of both front and rear brakes.    

For info, call toll free: 800.979.0122 or visit online at


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