Book review: “Cadillac at 100: Legacy of Leadership”

If ever there were a package that matched the luxury of the machine it envelops, it would be “Cadillac at 100: Legacy of Leadership.” This two-volume publication from respected publisher Automobile Quarterly, and uses the publisher’s previous release, “Cadillac: Standard of the World,” as its foundation. However, author Maurice D. Hendry has updated the previous work to bring the history of Cadillac into the new millenium.

The first 258-page volume of Hendry’s new work covers the history of Cadillac, as well as LaSalle in the words of Jeffrey I. Godshall, up to World War II. The book’s larger format grants the space for larger, crisper photos and more readable text in comparison to the original. Everything from the interchangeability of parts to the rise and fall of LaSalle to the multi-cylinder race are covered, and further illustrated by crisp vintage black-and-white photos and sharp color images.

The second volume constitutes 300 pages of Cadillac history in the years following World War II until 2006. Finned Eldorado Biarritzes, plush front-wheel-drive Sevilles and razor-sharp CTS sedans beautify the pages while the text dives under the hood to show how Cadillac remains a technological and innovative leader as it regains the right to call itself “Standard of the World.”

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