Book review “The 1932 Ford Book”

“The 1932 Ford Book: A Production Chronicle and Restoration Guide” might very well be the most exhaustive study ever undertaken on a single year of automobile production, and it’s a worthy year. This two-volume, 620-page publication isn’t the work of a giant publisher, but a labor of love produced by those who know the Deuce the best — the Early Ford V-8 Club of America.

The book’s author, David G. Rehor, said this book was intended to be an update of his first work on the subject, which dated back to 1981, but it’s clear his recent work is much more than a revision — it’s a completely new work.

What must be every known fact regarding the 1932 Ford has been compiled in this two-volume set. Factory photos, production details, recall information, promotional literature, hardware, a fastener usage guide, wiring diagrams, dealer service tools, the differences between early and late Deuces, colors and much more are included in this absolutely thorough work. All car owners should be so lucky as to have such a guide as this one, which leaves no excuse for the restorer working toward an absolutely authentic 1932 Ford restoration.

Along with period illustration and photos to show how the 1932 Fords were built and finished, Rehor has included many detail shots at angles the factory never dreamed of to show the differences between some 1932 Fords for the sake of correctness.

As this book earns a clean spot on the workbench and next to the Deuce, the book has been spiral-bound to ease page flipping. As a work of this nature also deserves a place in the finest automotive libraries, it will also be available as a limited-edition hardbound edition as well. Congratulations to David G. Rehor and The Early Ford V-8 Club of America for undertaking such a giant task on an important automobile, and for doing it so perfectly.

To order “The 1932 Ford Book: A Production Chronicle and Restoration Guide,” go to, call 707-226-5256 or write to Dave Rasmussen at 1116 Austin Way, Napa, CA 94558.

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