NEW PRODUCT: DashBlanket by Brew City Engineering

You’ve spent a lot of money on your car. To help protect it Brew City Engineering has designed the DashBlanket.

The DashBlanket is an effective, inexpensive way to help protect the dash pad, steering wheel, steering column and instrument panel of your car, truck or van from dust build-up and the harmful effects of sunlight and/or fluorescent light while it is parked.

It is a custom-made, handcrafted shield that concentrates its protection toward the most vulnerable (and expensive) parts of the interior: the steering wheel, dash pad, instrument panel and gauges. It effectively repels harmful Ultra-Violet radiation, which is present in all natural and fluorescent light.

For info call toll free: 1-877-223-0203; write to Brew City Engineering, Inc., PO Box 180095, Delafield, WI 53018; or visit the Web site:


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