Diamond Back AS4: highly-rated tires for high-performance and specialty cars

Like all Diamond Back Classics, the AS4 is an especially good-looking radial tire, but its most important feature is that it’s one of the most highly-rated tires available for high-performance and specialty cars.

The Diamond Back AS4 is a Touring Class, high-performance radial that comes in 24 matching-tread sizes.  It’s available in 60, 65, and 70 series, and can be ordered as a whitewall or redline.
The AS4 is rated for 44 psi—an especially important feature, because radials perform better at higher pressures.  It’s also T-rated for continuous running at 118 mph, with an A-rating for temperature resistance and an A-rating for traction.  These features are what make the AS4 ideally-suited for high performance and specialty cars where performance and safety are very important.

Typical of Diamond Back tires, the AS4 features a non-aggressive tread for an especially smooth and quiet ride, with a design that lets water escape to help prevent hydroplaning and loss of control on a water-covered road.
Diamond Back specializes in creating custom tires-to-order with any sidewall treatment you need for a classic or muscle car. Their free catalog describes everything, and even shows you their process.   Call them toll-free at (888) 922-1642, or visit them on the Web at www.dbtires.com.  Diamond Back Classics is located at 4753 Hwy 90, Conway, South Carolina 29526.