NEW PRODUCT: Building a Better Creeper – The Bone

When Dale Adams was restoring cars professionally, his disdain for creepers became so intense he went out and designed a better creeper. Today, Dale Adams Enterprises manufactures The Bone.

The Bone is aptly named for its bone-shaped styling and is designed to cradle you closer to the ground than other creepers. Enclosed wheel pads and a smooth, seamless body means there are no sharp corners or painful pinch points. Uniquely mounted wheels make tipping and flipping impossible.

The Bone’s body is modeled from a specially formulated polymer and is resistant to common automotive chemicals. It is built to support users up to 300 pounds and the tires are designed to glide over obstacles on the floor.

There are three creepers currently available: the The Bone-Ster, The Bone and The Rough Rider, ranging in price from $109.95 to $181.95. Made in the USA. For info call 800-266-3321 or visit online:


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