NEW PRODUCT: The Elevator by Nomad

Car restorers and mechanics are often required to do some Herculean tasks like lifting heavy car parts and squirming into awkward spots. Making those tasks much easier and safer is an elevated shop creeper called The Elevator produced by Nomad Manufacturing.

Several features have been built into The Elevator’s design. There’s a tool tray for holding wrenches and bolts (keeping them from dropping into the car engine), a solid and stable platform with leg support for hours of comfortable use, stable industrial wheels and locking mechanisms, safe entry and exit points, and bumpers to help protect against vehicle scratches during work.

The Elevator can be used for lifting engines, as an engine stand, a work stand, or an ATV, motorcycle or lawn and garden lift.

Price is $649.95. Contact, 1-866-599-8594; e-mail: or write Nomad Manufacturing , 5348 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89108. Web site:


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