Rare Sears Car Donated to The Museum Of Automobiles

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Rare 1908 Sears Runabout Donated  To The Museum Of Automobiles

Introduced in the Summer of 1908, the Sears features a two-cylinder engine, developing 14 horsepower. The transmission is a friction disc type. It was sold by Sears Roebuck & Company of Chicago, Illinois. You could order it from their catalog, and it would be delivered by rail. Cost new was $375.00.

It was donated to the Museum by the current Directors of the C.J. Horner Company of Hot Springs. They are R.J., Barry, Paul and Jim Horner; Grandsons of C.J. Horner, founder of the company. The car was acquired by C.J. Horner in 1939, and kept by the family until recently, when they donated it to the museum.

On display now at The Museum of Automobiles on Petit Jean Mountain Arkansas .

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