White Wall Wipes for daily cleaning of white wall tires

Keeping your car looking like a show car is no small task when you have white wall tires. That’s why Detail Pro has created a special wipe designed specifically for maintaining white wall tires.

The soft premium wipes are pre-moistened with a specially designed cleaning solution that removes brake dust and road grime to safety clean all white wall tires leaving them bright white.

“I needed a fast and convenient way to keep my white wall tires looking their best between major cleanings”, said the Vincent Stuart the CEO of Detail Pro® Wipes. “I could not find anything on the market to meet my needs so I created White Wall Wipes™ to fill that void.  Consumers love the idea of being able to touch up and clean their tires in one simple step anywhere without the need of a hose or bucket”.

Detail Pro Wipes was established in 2007. Detail Pro White Wall Wipes are currently selling at Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, VA. The retail price is $5.99 per canister. Visit their Web site at www.WhiteWallWipes.com for more information.


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