Oregon bill would prohibit sale of aftermarket parts

The Specialty Equipment Market Association  (SEMA) is opposing an Oregon state bill that could have a negative impact on the car collecting community, and aftermarket businesses that support that community.

The bill, H.B. 2186, is designed to help control greenhouse gas emissions. It is primarily focused on aftermarket tires and would authorize the Environmental Quality Commission to implement enforcement regulations, likely based on a rolling resistance calculation.

It also calls for prohibiting the sale and distribution of aftermarket motor vehicle parts if alternatives are available that “decrease greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles”. 

In a press release from SEMA, the organization opposes language in H.B. 2186 that could:
– Regulate vehicle fuel economy.

– Ban tires that may have improved performance, handling or appearance features, based solely on a rolling resistance rating; thus distracting consumers from focusing on more important safety issues such as tire inflation and overloading of vehicles.

-Force consumers to purchase only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires because the program essentially exempts OEM-selected tires. SEMA believes it unfairly implies that these tires are superior to aftermarket products.

– Prohibit aftermarket parts designed to either personalize or optimize specific vehicle performance attributes including handling, towing, suspension, fuel economy, etc.

– Provide broad authority to government regulators and could limit a range of aftermarket parts currently available to consumers based on the subjective determination of government regulators.

SEMA is encouraging opponents of the bill to contact the Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt; 503/986-1440; E-mail:    : rep.davehunt@state.or.us; Oregon House Environment and Water Committee Representative Ben Cannon (Chair), Phone: 503/986-1446, e-mail:   rep.bencannon@state.or.us; or any member of the Oregon House of Representatives.

The bill can be viewed by doing a search by bill number at: :  http://www.leg.state.or.us/

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