Landmark Mustangs come to America On Wheels Museum

Mustang 1

Photo credit: Casey Maxon, Historic Vehicle Association

ALLENTOWN, Pa. _ In celebration of its 9th anniversary, America On Wheels (AOW) will feature two unrestored early Mustangs as the centerpiece to the museum’s new exhibition “Pony Cars: Then and Now” running April 8 through October 2017.

On April 17, 1964 the Ford Motor Company launched Mustang to the world. Seventeen year-old Ron Hermann was there to see a brand new light blue convertible V8 Mustang rotating on a platform at Barr Ford in Philadelphia. That day he put down $100 and it has been his car ever since.

Mustang 3

Photo credit: Casey Maxon, Historic Vehicle Association

Ron Hermann has been a faithful steward of his 1964½ Mustang for the past 53 years. Driven for a few years it was then carefully garaged for five decades. “This is the first time Mr. Hermann’s unrestored “launch-day” 1964½ Mustang convertible will be seen by the public in decades,” said Linda Merkel, executive director of the museum.

Hermann’s Mustang will be flanked by another unrestored touchstone in Mustang history – the 1963 Mustang II concept car on loan from the Detroit Historical Museum. This car was presented by Ford at the 1963 United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. The Mustang II concept car was the first representation of an affordable 4 seat sports car that targeted young buyers. It bridged the gap between the 2-seat Mustang I concept that was a pure sports car and the soon to be launched 4-seat Mustang production car. This car was the dawn of a new beginning in the American automobile business. The 4-seat sports car concept created a new market and mind-set that went on to become an indelible part of American life. As other manufactures followed with Camaros, Chargers and Cudas the marketing war for the “Pony Car” buyer began and continues to this day.

Mustang 2

Photo credit: Casey Maxon, Historic Vehicle Association


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PONY CARS: THEN AND NOW – Ford Mustang Feature Cars

1964½ Ford Mustang Convertible (unrestored)
Owner: Ronald Hermann (owned from new)
Original Dealer: Barr Ford, Philadelphia, Penna.
VIN: 5F08F109846
Body Style: 4-seat Convertible
Body Color: Original Light Blue paint
Top Color: White (original)
Engine:260 ci V8
Interior Color: Blue vinyl (original)
Tires: Firestone (originals)
Mileage: 17,084 miles
Other Notes: features Thunderbird side-view mirror and non-adjustable passengers seat

1963 Ford Mustang II concept car
Owner: Detroit Historical Museum
Body Style: 4-seat with removable top
Body Color: White with Blue Stripe
Top: Removable fiberglass
Engine: 289 ci V8
Interior Color: White with blue stripe
Tires: Firestone (originals)



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