One thought on “7281A2

  1. Steve Van Duyn

    When I was in So. Ca. earlier this year (2011), I purchased a 1925 Marmon radiator shell, radiator, etc with this mascot, complete with brass medallion, dome and brass post. On the dome, in the negative curvature of the hinge to piece you display, is stamped Keystone. I attended the 100th Indy 500, this year as the Marmon club’s guest. Marmon won the first Indy 500 in 1911. We identified the pieces, at Indy. Interestingly, my medallion was for a Sterns. The club’s experts said that Keystone was an independent, and that Medallions were available for different makes.

    This doesn’t surprise me. Since the radiator and its parts, had served a second life cooling a gas powered air compressor into the 50’s. I just couldn’t see it dying for scrap. I knew the owner (deceased) and his family. I am restoring all parts of the pieces as we speak. Write me if you like.