‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’ M-B up for bids

The 1937 Mercedes" German staff car from Raiders of the Lost Ark will be up for auction on December 11 as part of Profiles in History’s Hollywood Auction # 33. The selling price is expected to be $60,000-$80,000, but could easily go much higher. The car is currently on display at The Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The car was used in the famous chase sequence when Indy is in hot pursuit of the Ark of the Covenant and the Nazis were getting in his way. 

This exotic film car was built by Craig Hinton of Leaping Cats of Coventry, England; it was purposely built to reach 120 miles per hour and to withstand the rigors of one of the best known chase scenes in movie history. 

This black car with black leather interior was built to look like a 1937 Mercedes and was built around a Jaguar Mark IX chassis with a modified steel Jaguar Mark V body.  The car is powered by a 285-horsepower dual-overhead cam Jaguar XK-E engine and is mated to a Jaguar four-speed manual transmission with button overdrive.  The car comes to a halt via four-wheel Jaguar disc brakes.  Hinton drove the car from England to Tunisia for the filming of the movie. 


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