Cars made in Cleveland sought for Glenmoor Gathering

“Classic Motorcars of Cleveland” will be one of the features at this year’s concours, set for Sept. 17-19 at historic Glenmoor Country Club, near Canton.

“This could raise eyebrows for some people, but then they realize that not only were 80+ automobiles built in Cleveland, but some truly legendary marques were built there,” said David Schultz, Glenmoor Gathering executive director.

“For openers, you have well-known automobiles such as Peerless, Winton, White, Jordan and Stearns-Knight — plus two famous electric cars, the Baker and Rauch & Lang. Then, you have the Templar, Chandler (and Cleveland), Owen Magnetic, HAL Twelve and Leon Rubay,” said Schultz, “plus the Rollin, Grant, Ferris and Disbrow.”

“We’d like to display as many examples of these cars as possible in 2010,” he said. “We’ve already found some, but, frankly, many of these cars experienced a very low survival rate.”

The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland will be displaying several cars from its collection, including a one-off 1932 Peerless Sixteen Murphy-bodied sedan, 1913 Baker Electric roadster and 1916 Owen Magnetic phaeton.

Individuals owning Cleveland-built cars—or knowing of someone who does—and would like to display them at this year’s Glenmoor Gathering should contact Schultz at (330) 966.3600 or

For more information on this year’s concours and weekend events schedule visit the Glenmoor Gathering web site at


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