Corvette Fever Hits Carlisle

CARLISLE, Pa. — The 2008 Corvettes at Carlisle will celebrate 55 years of America’s favorite sports car on Aug. 22-24 at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of waffled-hood and chrome-decked Corvettes, Carlisle will gather an array of 1958 Corvettes. The anniversary of later-model Silver Anniversary and Pace Car Corvettes from 1978 will also be honored at this year’s event.

    One of the event’s highlights will be the American flag aerial display of Corvettes. Red, white and blue Corvettes — 104 in all — will assemble in the shape of our nation’s symbol of unity and is sure to be an awesome sight from the ground and above.

    Lance Miller, Senior Director with Carlisle Events, said, “This year’s event is going to be one for the record books. Each year demonstrates how a love for Corvettes can bring such an array of great people together at the Carlisle, Pa. Fairgrounds.  I consider them to be my friends and family, and I know we share the same passion for life.  Life is good!”

    Continuing the tradition of the Chip’s Choice Invitational will be a spectacular display this year to provide spectators with a chance to see ’Vette rods from all generations. These special Corvettes are determined by the “quality selection process” as outlined by Lance Miller to determine uniqueness, overall appearance, desirability and build quality.

    For more information, go to or call 717-243-7855.



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