Early bird gets the (tin) worm

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Edited by the OCW staff, Photos by Coy Thomas

Certainly one of the most interesting rods at the event was this
period-built gow job, a 1926-’27 Model T roadster “barn find.”
The car was built in Crocker, Neb., around 1953 using a Model T
roadster body channeled over 1932 Ford rails. The builder, Doug
DeVoe, didn’t drive the car long, and it was stored since 1954.
The price tag for this period-built roadster? Just $7,500.

Washington state residents are already preparing to mow their lawns for the first time year, so hobbyists know what that means — swap meet season is here!

OCW reader Coy Thomas was at one of the Pacific Northwest’s first swap meets of the season, the Early Bird Swap Meet, held by the Tacoma Model “T” Club Feb. 13-14.

The event has been offering projects, parts and restored rides for more than 45 years, and for the last 30 of those years, it’s been held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Wash., just east of Tacoma.

Thomas reported that, even under cloud cover and damp conditions, the event drew a huge crowd and that sales were brisk with a large variety of vehicles present.

For information on next year’s event, go to www.earlybirdswap.org.

Coy Thomas considered this street-rodded 1934 Ford Tudor the
best deal at the event. It appears a lot of the hard, rod-building
work has already been completed and the car just needs a fresh
paint job.

More Images:

This clean machine found shelter under a canopy, but being a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air sport coupe, would surely have been hard to miss, even under a car cover. No price details were available.
For the serious do-it-yourselfer, this roadster hull was ready for the buying at the Tacoma Model “T” Club meet. Patience, and nearly all the parts to complete the car, were not included.

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