“New” ’55 Chevy Debuts at Fall Carlisle

F all Carlisle may seem an unlikely place for automotive parts manufacturers to roll out their latest and greatest products and innovations. However, for the guys over at Cars Inc. the Pennsylvania show “just made sense.”


“Sure we’ll be heading out to Vegas for the SEMA show, said Dale Deaton, the company’s sales manager. “But the timing of Carlisle was perfect for us to show off our newest offering. A brand new1955 Chevy convertible body.”

And we aren’t talking about any reproduction fiberglass shell. Cars Inc.’s head-turning car starts with an original cowl. From there on back the company builds an all metal body that has created quite a stir across the Carlisle show grounds.


But before you reach for your checkbook, let us warn you that the price for a “new” 1955 Chevy convertible has risen considerably since they first rolled off the production line. Depending on which options you want, a turn-key car can set you back nearly $200,000.


However, Cars Inc. gives buyers the option of purchasing the body with or without a chassis in a package that will set you back a mere $30,000 for the body panels from the cowl on back,

“Last year we came out with the 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible. Based on that success, it only seemed natural for us to build the ‘55” said Deaton. “Next year we should have our ’56 Chevy ready to go as well.

One of the company’s turn-key ’57 Chevys will roll across the block early next year at the Barrett-Jackson auction to support our nation’s returning soldiers. To learn more about this project, check out www.projectamericanheroes.org.


If you can’t make it out to Fall Carlisle before the show comes to an end on Sunday, you can check out Cars, Inc.’s line at www.carsinc.com.

Since 1976, Cars Inc. has been manufacturing 1952-1976 Chevy interiors and replacement sheetmetal.


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