A Talladega Family Reunion

For the first time since 1969, the remaining Talladega prototypes, Talladega assembly line pilot cars, production cars, a race car and the very first production Talladega will gather in one place for a “Family Reunion.” The reunion will take place Oct. 1-2 in Kingsport, Tenn., during the Forge Musclecar Show.

Every known Prototype and Pilot Talladega (some never before available to the public) has been invited and several invitations have already been accepted. Making this event even more special is the attendance of the some of the people responsible for the development and building of these cars. Each will bring their own expertise, stories and rumors to share.

Between now and the show the sponsors will be making regular announcements at www.forgemusclecarshow.com announcing the cars and individuals who have registered to attend.

Although the Talladega Family Reunion is by invitation only, a special invitation goes out to owners of any Talladega to participate in a special outdoor event that will be held in conjunction with The Forge Show. Owners of the sister cars, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Spoiler II, are also invited.

Also, if you helped build or had a hand in the production of the Talladega or the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler or Spoiler II or any of the race car versions, contact Jason Thompson at 865-621-4012 or e-mail thompsons122@charter.net.




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